Bi-Weekly Hot Tub Service

Our Bi-Weekly Hot Tub Service is for customers who would like their spas regularly maintained by professionals. This Hot Tub Service (twice a month) provides :

  • Clean the filter ("portable" spas only)
  • Vacuum out all minor debris
  • Balance chemicals
  • Clean, & protect cover
  • Advise on general condition of spa
  • If you are a Bi Weekly Hot Tub customer, will receive discounts on our Drain and Clean service and other services we provide.

Drain and Clean Hot Tub Service

Ohio Spa Repair and hot tub service industry professionals recommend that a spa be drained and cleaned every 60-90 days. When was the last time your hot tub or spa was drained and cleaned? The Drain and Clean Hot Tub Service provides the following:

  • Drain the spa completely
  • Disinfect the surfaces
  • Basic mark/stain removal
  • Cover cleaning and protection
  • Refill the spa
  • Shock and balance the chemicals
  • Balance the pH level

Pre-Winter Hot Tub Service Columbus and Central Ohio

Six Things To Do Before Winter

  1. Check for leaks
  2. Check and replace the cover
  3. Check the hot tub operation
    • Listen for strange noises when it is running
    • Make sure all pumps are working smoothly
    • Make sure it is holding temp and set to 95 or more
    • Look for corrosion
  4. Check and correct the water chemistry
  5. Clean the filters and the tub
  6. Inspect the tub for holes or damage

We do offer modifications to any hot tub service to meet your needs including; heavier duty cleaning, seasonal services, shutdowns, and startups.  We also perform hot tub moving services and disposal.  We can also provide you with electrical hookups to run your hot tub as well.  At Ohio Spa Repair we service all major brands and are Authorized Service Representatives for Cal Spa and Dynasty!

Please let us know what you need, and we will try to accommodate you as well as provide you with excellent recommendations as to what your hot tub may need.  Or Simply Call Us at:  (740) 403-6923