Spa and Hot Tub Products & Accessories

We provided the best quality spa and hot tub products in the industry to those people who want to enjoy their spa without worrying whether it will break down or not.

We have all the right parts and great relationships with most manufacturers to get you the best price.  If you are not sure if we can fix it...  WE CAN!!   

We are also a Strong Spa authorized retailer.  Scroll down below to see some of the many Strong Spas we can offer you!


Don't hesitate to call us whenever you need us:  we're only a phone call away:  (740) 403-6923 Or contact us for a quote.

Authorized Spa Sales

  • Strong Spas -  Click to be sent to the Strong Spa's Website to browse models and products. 

Authorized Part Reseller

  • Strong Spas -  Authorized Representative
  • Cal Spas -  Authorized Representative
  • Dynasty Spas - Authorized Representative
  • Caldera Spas - Authorized Representative 
  • ThermoSpas - Authorized Representative 
  • Hot Springs - Authorized Representative
  • Dimension One Spas -  Authorized Representative
  • Endless Pools -  Authorized Representative

Products we offer and install

    • Tub Filters
    • Frog @ease Floating Sanitizing System
    • Spa Chemicals
    • Cleaners & Care
    • Test Strips & Kits
    • Supplies Kits
    • Spa Covers
    • Cover Lifts
    • Accessories
    • Aromatherapy
    • Spa Parts
    • Steps & Storage
    • Pool Supplies
    • And Many More!

Here are a few of the Strong Spas we offer

Go to their website to see more...