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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often ask questions regarding owning and maintaining their spas and hot tubs. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer a few of them.  Just click on the + to see the answer to the frequently asked question.  If you have a specific question that you would like to see answered here, please visit our Quote Page and fill out the form there or simply call us :  740-321-1066  We would be happy to help you understand more about your hot tub or spa.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hot tubs expensive to operate?

The cost of an average hot tub or spa will cost approximately $25-$40 per month.  However, the size, cover and voltage used with your hot tub can vary and could be more expensive or less expensive.

Do GFIs or GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) wear out?

By detecting dangerous current flow and instantly shutting off power, ground fault circuit interrupters save hundreds of lives each year. But after 10 years or so, the sensitive circuitry inside a GFCI wears out. And usually the test button on the GFCI doesn’t tell you there’s anything wrong: When you press the button, it shuts off the power as always. So the only reliable way to check an older GFCI is to use a circuit tester that has its own GFCI test button which is one of the services we offer at OSR!

Do I need an electrician to install my hot tub?

Yes, A licensed electrician maybe needed to wire your house for the hot tub’s main power supply.  However, Ohio Spa Repair has been hooking up the electric on hot tubs for over 10 years and at a fraction of the cost of a licensed electrician.

Do you recommend shutting my hot tub down in the winter?

Normally we recommend against shutting down your hot tub as water freezing in the system even though it’s completely drained, will frequently cause damage to the plumbing and leaks in your tub.  We do however offer a service of shutting your hot tub down for the winter if you absolutely need to shut it down.

How important is a good spa cover?

Avoid cheap covers. They won’t last long, and will end up costing you more in the long run both in higher energy usage and in replacement costs.   Marine-grade vinyl with mildew and UV inhibitors is a must. Quality covers will also have two other features: a double reinforced folding center hinge, and steel reinforcement inside. Make sure the cover has adequate locking fasteners, and a zipper for the cover.

How important is horsepower to the hot tub?

If you want hot tub therapy, or hot water experience, the horsepower is totally immaterial, if you want a heavy massage, a larger pump and ability to focus on a series of jets, increases the force of the pulse delivered and a deeper massage.

How long does it take to heat my spa or hot tub?

110 volt power supply:  3-4 degrees per hour depending on the volume of water.

240 volt power supply:   5 degrees per hour depending on the volume of water.

I have an old hot tub, is it worth repairing?

As long as the shell of the tub and outside surround are in good condition, it is usually worth repairing malfunctioning componenets vs. buying a new hot tub.  To replace your tub will cost 5-10k, repairs can be made at a fraction of that cost.

I have an ozonator on my hot tub. Do I need to use a sanitize my spa?

Yes. Even though ozone is an effective oxidizer, it has a relatively short life in your hot tub. The use of an ozonator will reduce your consumption of chlorine or bromine and makes it easier to maintain proper levels of these chemicals in the water without reducing their potency.  We recommend you use both.

Is plumbing required to install my hot tub?

No. Most hot tubs are self-contained plumbing units and which you can fill with a garden hose.  No futher outside plumbing connected to your house would be needed.

What operating temperature is suggested for my hot tub?

Being used:  98-104 degrees F. is optimal.

Not being used:  88-90 degrees F.